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Hello I'm gonna tell you about my holiday
         On 23 December 2016 I got my report for 1 semester at SMAN 3 Bandung on Friday even though my grades bad but I'm glad I did not get sp from other subjects, because if I get sp I have to go to school during the holidays and spend my vacation and I'm grateful can enjoy a vacation for 2 weeks, tomorrow on Saturday morning I was playing basketball in Denma Kodam Silliwangi near SMAN 3 Bandung from 6 o'clock in the morning, I practice with my friends from other schools, they come from SMAN 1, SMAN 10, SMA BPI 1&2, and there were 5 students from SMAN 3 Bandung including me, we practice ball handling, shooting, lay up, passing and physical exercise and finished practice at 10am, after that we went to buy breakfast together, and then I go home and take a bath and rest with a nap until 1 pm.

         After that I woke up, I did not know what to do so I opened my laptop and started looking for a movie to fill my empty time a…