HELLOO GUYS !!! It's me again now i'm gonna tell you about LDKS (latihan dasar kepemimpinan siswa) of SMAN 3 Bandung.


             We students SMAN 3 Bandung do LDKS in Rindam 3 Siliwangi at jl Menado near siliwangi golf in Bandung. On 29 September, 2016. we carry out LDKS for 3 days 2 nights. There, we are taught the discipline to do things like eat, sleep, marching, ceremonies, prayers on time, took a quick shower, and conduct penalties if made a mistake. We are taught to use the time well and do not dispose waste time with useless.

             Before leaving we were told to carry a lot of items such as shirts, scoop, trousers, batik, clothes muslim, quran, sandals, uniforms PSAS, candles and more. to be honest i was not feeling well at the time, and we were always told to quickly do things. we only slept five hours, the food is less tasty and a lot of rules when we are eating like sitting upright when eating, should not be noisy, the food must be exhausted and much more. but we all do it because certainly no benefit.

maybe that's all i can tell you about my experience LDKS of SMAN 3 Bandung in Rindam 3 siliwangi. Thankss for reading!!.



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