Hi Guyss, now I'm going to write an appreciaton post for important people for me. First is my mom who has been really really helpful and important people for me because she had raised me from birth until now she always help me anything like send me to school, bathed me when I was kid, help me with my homework when I was kid. and she always teach me anything such as what to do and what not to do, teach me for worship for muslim and she always protect me wherever you are. ofcourse she always give me anything like school supplies, a lot of toys when I was a kid and never counted her kindness to me. She is the most important people in my life.

           And the next important people for me of course is my dad, I think he is the strongest man who can do everything, he always protect me and my family, he is desperately needed of my family. If he is not there maybe me and my mother will live in hardship. too much kindness he has done for me and my family. he's just like my mother always help me anything like take me to school, take me to hospital, take me to mall when I want to play with my friends. he always give me anything like money when I needed hehe, give me a laptop for studying and do homework and playing video games actually,  give me motorcyle when I can drive that, and I can drive a car and motorcyle because of my dad teach me. he always teach me anything, he always take me when holiday come.

           And I'm very happy to have parents like you, I'm sorry for not being able to reply so much kindness that you've given to me, and now I'm going to work hard in my school, work hard when I'm working later, give the best for my future and always give you the happiness and I will make the both of you proud.

          And for my sisters thank you for everything for what you have done for me, you two  always playing with me, go to anywhere with me, tease me :(, and sometimes you two always teach me about anything for what is done now, thank you very much for care of me when I was kid until now you two have job and live out of town  and I really miss you guys.
That's all my appreciaton from me for my Family, I hope all of you always healthy and always happy. THANK YOU FOR READING.



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